Issue one cover

Issue one cover

About us



We started as a personal blog in September 2017. Within the first month the platform become a voice for LGBTQ+ people. Since then, we  have formed a team of over thirty contributors. Founded by the Editor-in-Chief Harry Joe Nettleton - his aim has grown into using this platform to entertain as well as inform. We really do hope that some of our content is relatable and relevant to you.

Two months in we focused our aim towards becoming a quarterly print magazine. Our Original aim was at the end of year one. After many conversations and continuing to post online content - we got six wonderful sponsors onboard. This enabled us to go to print in January 2018. Issue one is out now and available across Manchester, Leeds and London. It is also available to order online (for free - we just ask for postage costs) here

We are hard at work on Issue 2 out in April and we are always looking for new content, you don't have to be LGBTQ+, we value our allies. If you are interested in advertising with BOYBLUE Magazine online or in print please download our pricing guide

Thank you.