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Can you guess who is bisexual?


National student pride is back and creating newsworthy debate. 

The LGBTQ+ community is vast and includes so many different and wonderful identities - often bi representaion is erased within mainstream media. 

National Student Pride are bringing bi identity and bi education into the spotlight. Can we determine someones sexual identity through a series of stereotypical questions? 

The questions asked in the video are designed for the audience to come to a quick conclusion about someones sexuality - which happens daily within our society. The first Britney based question leads the audience to assume 'gay'.

                                                              ''Do you like Britney Spears?''


As well as creating important and educational content National Student Pride kicks off on 9th February over a long queer weekend including a panel discussing LGBTQ+ homelessness, 'Beyond the Binary', with a panel of amazing LGBTQ+ people - including the rising star/activist Lily Madigan. Performances from Celebrity Big Brother Finalist  and  Drag Race star Courtney Act as well as a Queer Dates section with Riyadh Khalaf and Laura Lu and many more! Finish the day/s off in Heaven with a huge discounts on drinks with a National Student Pride!


National Student Pride takes place at The University of Westminster but fear not! National Student Pride along with Clifford Chance have organised a Queer Bus so we can all go down to the big smoke  - get a return ticket for just £10 here! See you all there!

Get tickets for National Student Pride here!

          Watch the video here and see if you can tell which person identifies as bi:                                    

video courtesy of national student pride

AUTHOR: Harry Joe Nettleton