courtney act takes the crown


Courtney act was everything we needed to represent the lgbtq+ community on REALITY tv- and she was rightfully crowned the king/queen of celebrity big brother 2018! 

Shane J may have made the top 3 during RuPaul's Drag Race but he missed out on that crown. Since then she's taken the world by storm performing all over the globe to legions of fans. She's a beautiful queen, person and her brains and informative discussions have taken the long standing reality TV show by storm. Taking on defending the rights of various parts of the LGBTQ+ community - she really did us justice. 

In a year that saw Big Brother celebrate 100 years since women got the vote - what better way to crown our queen that gave the housemates an education lesson on gender.  As Courtney explained on the show, gender is on a scale. She did such a great job while educating her peers.

The show featured ex-MP Ann Widdicombe who is known for stating how she respects everyone equally but voted against LGBTQ+ people at every turn. Widdicombe has managed to make second place on the show as her reactions and odd conversations with herself have propelled her into the world of memes.

We're just glad that in this battle of good and evil - the good took the crown. 

Thank you Shane/Courtney, congratulations!

Meet Courtney Act at National Student Pride next weekend!

author: harry joe nettleton