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The world has turned its attention to yet another powerful man in the world of entertainment. Kevin Spacey, is facing – so far one – allegation of sexual assault against a child. Weinstein it seems, is the tip of an iceberg that is swiftly showing the extent of the abuse of men in power.

2017 is forming its self in History as the beginning of the end of ignoring harassment and abuse. Money and status will protect you no longer. Voices within the industry are speaking out, brave people are sharing what they have been subjected to. This is a movement against the abuser, the silence of victims is no longer.

The apology culture and clever PR is over. It is the public court of law which is proving itself to be part of the movement. Without discrediting any allegation the other side of the argument, is these men in power will never stand the right to a fair trial, the world and history will judge them for these actions. Although I am all for the right to a fair trial, in these cases there have been signs for many years that only seem to bubble to the surface when the world stops and listens. Various allegations and pay- offs confirmed the guilt of Harvey Weinstein. Spacey in my opinion sealed his fate with his statement.

 ‘’I owe him the sincerest apology for what would have been deeply inappropriate drunken behaviour, and I am sorry for the feelings he describes having carried with him all these years’’.


Spacey's statement he posted on Twitter.

Spacey's statement he posted on Twitter.


Mr. Spacey you have sealed your fate in public opinion. You are the abuser, this apology will not suffice. Being drunk would not influence any person that isn’t a predator, to mount and assault a child. You may be sorry for Mr. Rapp and the feelings he has lived with throughout his childhood and into adult life. But you are not sorry enough to make this apology without distracting from the seriousness of your actions by using a child sexual abuse allegation to come out as a gay man.

What an abhorrent thing to do Mr. Spacey. In the same statement you have responded to the allegation of abusing a child and in the next paragraph taken the opportunity to come out and how you now ‘’choose to live as a gay man’’. It insinuates and feeds the long-standing bigots comments that LGBTQ+ people pose a threat to children. Your statement will be used as a case against our community, that have fought so hard for our right to live openly and without the fear of being related to predators such as yourself. We refuse you, you are not part of our community, you have no right to claim to be a part of the movement LGBTQ+ people have made within this world. Your comments are damaging but we will over come them as a community and continue to fight against being in any way related to men such as yourself.

The online world and media has gone into overdrive today in making the above points clear. It is imperative that we remember Mr. Rapp, and show solidarity and support to him and other victims of such abuse. As an LGBTQ+ person I am appalled by Spaceys statement, but lets not get completely lost within this and remember the victim at the centre of all of this. Mr Rapp, we stand with you and applaud your bravery for speaking out against your abuser. Another man in a position of power.

This is the start of many cases to come, we need to educate inform and hold people accountable. Positions of power are no longer platforms for abusers, we see you.

Author: Harry Joe Nettleton