Back with a classic or a car crash?


There’s an unwritten list in the world that everyone knows about. The infamous list of Kylie classic's. This list is full of those unique, defining pieces of art that explain, without question, why Kylie Minogue is the true Queen of Pop.


Can’t Get You Out of my Head,

Love at First Sight,

Spinnin’ Around,

All the Lovers,


I Believe in You,

Better The Devil You Know...

The list goes on. It’s a very good list. It is the happiest, cheeriest, most danceable list of pop songs out there. You recognise them all. You can’t argue with the classics.

And today: I’m adding another one to the list.

Her new single Dancing is everything you want in a Kylie record. It’s got that infectious combination of hand claps, head bops, and hip shakes that give you that special tingling in your soul, that you don’t get with any other artist. It’s her natural charisma that gives you goosebumps. The combination of lyrics and rhythm that mean you connect with her on such an intense level. It’s like she’s your best friend.

It’s got similar flavours to her last album from 2014, One Last Kiss, which had Sia as executive producer. Minogue’s been in the studio on this album with the guys behind Love at First Sight, so no wonder I want to add this to the collection of Kylie Klassic's.

Play Dancing on repeat. Play it loud. Sing it at the top of your voice!

Have a listen to the song below, what do you reckon? Is it a Kylie classic or a Kylie car-crash?

author: jake common