My my my! - troye sivan is back


Often I am faced with the reality that too many male pop stars are in what I call a ‘safe space’ within the industry. By this, I refer to a familiar musical mould consisting of a boy, his trusty acoustic guitar and those all too familiar lyrical themes surrounding gentle, radio-friendly sounds that would make your grandmother proud. Today’s feature focuses on a male pop star who breaks this mould in more than one way. I am talking about none-other than Troye Sivan.

On Wednesday, 11th of January, after a series of keyboard-smash inducing teasers, Sivan released the anthemic ‘My My My!’ – the lead single from his upcoming sophomore album due out in spring. The song, produced by Oscar Görres (Britney Spears, Tove Lo) takes looping vocal samples and synthesised beats and pairs them with Sivan’s effortlessly sensual low croon and the result is nothing short of pure pop excellence.

The music video, also released on Wednesday was directed by Grant Singer and features Troye in a Calvin Klein commercial style set-up, shirt unbuttoned and fearlessly moving to the beat as glowing gradients and shirtless men dominate the scene. Troye, at the centre of it all carries the message of the song like a trophy.

Being a queer pop star comes with its trials and tribulations; the narratives and displays of love in the media come with waves of criticism and straight up queer-phobia – a recent example includes Disney’s statement that they would be open to a gay Disney princess. Whilst heterosexuality is undeniably represented since birth in our lives, same sex love doesn’t receive the same treatment.


This is exactly why My My My! feels so good. Sivan delivers the spine tingling lyric;

‘go slow / no no go fast / you like it just as much as me’ 

Like a golden emblem to his sexuality. This track will keep you on your feet and ready to dance the night away. The song feels like a summer’s night and will ease the winter blues until Troye’s album arrives in Spring.

Until then, you can watch the video and all its porn star cameos here:


author: billy clayton