From Season 9 of Drag Race to being in almost every episode of AS3, AJA is making her global debut on her own terms. This Queer artist is fighting off bigots and educating fans via her music, social media and art. We are ready for Queen AJA.


What has life been like since season 9 and AS3?

 Life is pretty amazing! I’m having a great time, enjoying all the fruits that are blooming. I just feel so grateful to be in the support of so many people and be able to live my life and my dream.


You recently modelled for H&M’s pride collection, alongside other huge LGBTQ+ stars, how was that experience?

 Working with them definitely was amazing. I’m very happy that there is so much LGBTQ+ visibility in the mainstream marketing right now. Even if it is pride season; eventually queer people will be seen in more marketing sooner than we think.


Does it feel as though you’ve come ‘full circle’ since you were on season 9 of RuPauls Drag Race?

 I feel like the best stories are the ones that start off rough and end up happy. I still feel like I’m at the beginning of my story and I have a lot of work to do, so my current accomplishments are big - but there is still a bigger vision. For someone like me there’s always something bigger and better just around the corner. 


Your new EP In My Feelings, how did it come about and who did you work with?

 In my feelings, literally came out of nowhere. I knew I wanted to do music and the idea literally just blew up and became a reality. I wrote the entire album by myself. I had some help from fellow producers on the beats though. Mitch Ferrino, AVG JO & Accident report/Wnnr. 


It feels as though your incredible run on All Stars 3made you drag royalty and gave you this platform to openly discuss important topics like racism within the drag community, how do you handle being an advocate with a voice that’s heard so widely?

 It’s very important to utilize this platform wisely. A lot of people use their major platforms for their own usage. I choose to use my platform to speak about problems that I have faced in the past to help others and spark important conversations, Sometimes I talk about personal relationships, other times it can be racism. My conversations with the Internet are not limited to one subject at all.


Just between you and I, who do you think Bebe sent home and brought back on that week?

 Well, I already know both answers. It wouldn’t have changed anything - for me.


How do you deal with the rife racism on social media, especially that targeted at People of Colour and Drag Queens?

 I don’t feel like I need to defend my own identity but on the other hand I feel like it is important to educate people on respecting someone’s identity.


 Other than your first full-length solo UK tour, that you recently completed. What’s next for Aja? 

 I’m just working on my burlesque and my music. I am enjoying every piece of the road and the steps. I can’t wait to come out with more music and just be able to show the world the more of who I am. This is nowhere near the end of this is honestly just the beginning. 

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Words: Ashley Taylor